12 inch String X block tutorial

My first real tutorial! I picked this block to do for my local bee. There is a great tutorial here, but it is for a 14 inch block and my block will end up 12 inches finished. Hence - my tutorial.

This tutorial has been edited as of 1/30/2012. Adding the triangle and trimming the block are now more clear.

Step 1. Cut a bunch of strips. Mine are between 1 and 3 inches wide. They need to be about 5 inches long.

Step 2. Sew the strips together into one long strip. Press the whole thing.

Step 3. Cut a section of your strip off at 9.25 to 9.5 inches (depending on where your next seam is).

Step 4. Trim one side of your new strip just barely.

Step 5. Trim the other side of your strip so that it measures 4.5 inches wide.

Here's your trimmed strip. Ready for triangles.

Step 6. Get your background fabric and cut some 4.5 inch squares. Cut these squares in half diagonally. For 1 block you will need 4 squares and you'll end up with 8 half square triangles.

Step 7. Use pins to mark the center of each side of the strip.

Step 8. Place your triangle centered on the strip as shown below and sew them together using a 1/4 inch seam. Place another triangle on the other side of the strip in the same way and sew.

Step 9. Press both triangles to the sides. You'll have a block that looks like this.

Step 10. Trim your square. This can get a little tricky since you need to make sure the strip is centered diagonally in the square. I used a 6.5 inch square ruler I got from JoAnn for less than $5. I marked it with tape 2 inches away from the center diagonal line on each side (for a total of 4 inches) - like shown below.

You do not have to use this type of ruler, just keep in mind that you'll want your row of strips centered diagonally or your block won't turn out right.

Place the ruler over the block and line up your tape lines with the edge of the strip.

Trim around the whole thing.

And there you have your first block!

Step 11. Make 3 more blocks like this. You'll have 4 blocks.

Step 10. Sew your blocks together. Be careful to match the the corners where the strip meets the background fabric.


  1. I love this tutorial! (Almost as much as I love the name La Beeda Loca.) I want to just sit down with my scraps and make a bunch of these blocks. Your fabrics are divine as well. This is going to be a rockin' quilt!

  2. Wow, this looks great! I'm loving the gray and the orange together. Very nice!

  3. Great Idea! I've wanted to make a string quilt but didn't want it to be all strings; this is perfect!

  4. Great tutorial! Love the block! Thank you for sharing.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day.

  5. Was reading your interview from The Polka Dot Chair and saw this block... Love it! Thanks for the tutorial... The scraps in my basket are overflowing and are begging to be made into something. I think this is it!

  6. Leigh, I'm a new follower ad I just love this block. I have so many 5" squares and I really need some ideas. This one is a keeper.

    Thanks, Jeanie

  7. I started my blocks. I really like this pattern....I have just made 2 squares and I am sold. Thank you so much...I did do mine 5" and it turned out great...

    Thank You! Barbara

  8. Wow! Gorgeous block and excellent tutorial!

  9. Great tutorial, I have plenty of strings and this block looks like a good use for them. Thanks!

  10. Anxious to try this with all my strips.

  11. I really like this quilt tutorial. It is a great way to use scraps! Thanks for this...