spring and summer quilt for my bed

This quilt was intimidating. That's why it took me so long. I started it in March 2009, so it took me just under 2 years to complete. Anyway - I am VERY happy with the results.

I got this idea from Denyse Schmidt's quilt drunk love in a log cabin. I also wanted a springy quilt for the warmer months (my other quilt is dark and perfect for winter).

I debated for a while how to quilt this quilt. Fork out a bunch of money and have someone else quilt it? Hand quilt it? Machine quilt it myself? I finally stopped being afraid of it and just did it myself. I wasn't too happy with the quilting and took out all the stitching on the outer border. I knew if I didn't like something about it, I wouldn't use it. Once it was all washed, all the other problems seemed to go away.