Halloween 2011

Henry was an owl this year. I used the Martha Stewart costume pattern. He kept pulling on his little glasses until they stretched out so much that he couldn't keep them on. But luckily everyone still knew he was an owl.

Luke was a fish this year. I have made this pattern before - and it was so hard I swore I'd never do it again. But Luke asked for a blue one, so I made him a blue one. What a good mom I am.

Charlie also wanted to be a fish. He used the costume I made a few years ago. Thankfully he didn't want new colors. (Fish costume pattern - Simplicity 4926)

Sam was a robot. I told everyone this summer that I'd love it if someone were a robot and Sam obliged. He's good like that. He ended up ditching his arms after a few blocks of trick-or-treating because they made him too hot. He also couldn't hold his candy bag and put candy in at the same time, so I held his bag the whole time. (Robot inspiration here).

Jack was a viking. I had asked if someone would be a viking too because I really wanted to make this beard. We were going for Stoic the Vast, but we ran out of time on the armored skirt thing and the arm bands. I think it worked out okay. I'm loving the beard. (Beard inspiration from this girl).
And that's it until next year! Time to start working on Christmas presents :)

If you'd like to see my Halloween costumes from years past click here.


Sewing Summit

Sewing Summit was a blast. I knew it would be. I met a few new friends and some online friends in real life. There were so many amazing people there and I didn't get to hang out with everyone, but there's always next year!

The first day I went shopping with Amy, Amy, Amy, and Dana. We also got the best pizza ever for lunch.

While shopping we ran into Anne Marie and Shannon (who I think was buying fabric while we took this photo).

Then later in the day we ran into Samantha and Kristie at Art Market.

On Saturday I was Vanessa's assistant. I wish her class could have been all day! I felt like she has so much to teach about setting up a photo shoot.

Here is one of the bags I made which I think will now be my purse.

This was sewing Saturday night - which was great fun. I met Melissa and Alison and we had a great time!
Saturday night the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild hosted a dinner for other MQG members and quilters. This was only about half of us (I forgot to take a photo of everyone). We had a few sponsors (Riley Blake, Kona, and Marcia Derse) so everyone was able to take some fabric home with them! Fun!

I also got to hang out with Emily (here are Amy, me, Emily, Amy, and Amanda).

Anyway - to recap - it was fun. You should come next year.

I also forgot that I got to meet most of my Bee Tweet buddies in person! Here is a photo of some of us.