about me

Hi! I'm Leigh (pronounced Lee). I'm a happily married mom to 5 boys. I always have a zillion projects going on and I love making stuff. I'm a fabric hoarder and I sometimes knit, thrift, garden, and cook. And - I quilt.

When I was 9 my mom signed me up for a sewing class at the local Fabric Land. I started making clothing then. In college I got frustrated with clothing and started on quilts. Then I started shopping at quilt shops, became addicted to buying beautiful, well-designed fabric, and now here I am.

I love the online community. I used to love flickr and the blog world, but now you can find me mostly on instagram (leedledeedle). I try to keep up on blogging, but I do get behind a lot. I try to answer comments by email, or I'm also happy to answer emails if you'd like to contact me (leighlou5 at gmail dot com).

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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