Free-Motion Quilting Ideas

Did you know I free-motion quilt? If you're new to my blog you probably didn't know that. I've had my last 3 or 4 quilts done with a long-arm. But before that I've done all my quilts myself.

Even though stippling is doable, and it looks nice - I get bored with it. That's why I created this new flickr group - Modern Free Motion Quilting: A Reference. It's meant to be a great resource for free-motion quilting so that we can all get some new ideas going. So far it has some great ideas I've never seen before.

If you free-motion quilt and have some new ideas - please add your photos to the group! And if you are trying to think of new ideas - please go look around.

Also - Kati - of from the blue chair - recently did a great post on free-motion quilting ideas (based on our recent Modern Quilt Guild meeting).

Do you free-motion quilt?


  1. I have, but I rent a long arm by the hour, and it's much easier for me. I do want to get better at it, though. The long arm I rent has a stitch regulator, and I'm being so spoiled by that feature :).

    Love the techniques on the link!

    Happy Quilting!


  2. Thanks for this post! I have just finished quilting a queen sized quilt and I used some straight and some freemotion - the freemotion was an echo of the large flowers in each block! Off to go check out your flickr group!

  3. I loved your string of leaves...I'll have to look back at kati's post. I think it had your white board steps for this one.

  4. I'm crap at free motion. I'm going to have to practice!

  5. I try... thus far I really only do stipple and I cannot say Im a pro at it either. Practice, practice...

  6. Off to check out the group, I need ideas for a new quilt. Your free motion is always so inspiring.