busy little bee

I cannot believe how much sewing I've gotten in lately! I feel like super woman!

Last week I finished up this mammoth quilt for my mom for Christmas. Pictured are 10 of the 100 blocks in the quilt. It is off to the quilter.

The day I gave her the mammoth quilt she brought me back this one. I love the Denyse Schmidt quilting on it. I could be happy with that quilting on every quilt.

Here is the whole quilt. It's Erin McMorris's line Wildwood. I took out a few prints I didn't love and I love how it turned out! It is twin sized and I can't believe I forgot to take a photo of the pieced back! I bound it the day after she brought it back.

Not sewing, but I made these cupcakes for my baby's first birthday! They were fast and easy and the tutorial is here.

I made Jeni's lined drawstring bag for my knitting project. The directions were excellent and I love how it turned out! I think I need to make 10 more of them.

This scarf is slowly getting knit. It may be finished before spring :)

I have also been working on bee blocks (of course) and Habitat challenge quilts for Modern Quilt Guild. What have you been working on?


  1. Love the orange quilt! Love the cupcakes! And, love that bag! It's on my list. I really need to get a couple of those made. It's such a great little size.

  2. those cupcakes are too darn CUTE! i must give this a whirl with my daughter!

    Love your wildwood quilt too. Everything looks great- you have been busy!

  3. Wow! You have been quite busy making all those beautuful items. WTG,

  4. wow- whoever your quilter is, she is awesome. ;)

  5. I just love that little bag--adorable!

  6. Everything is so great! And I'm loving that scarf, what pattern are you using?

  7. WOW you are wonder woman!
    love the quilting so much! I need to send her one of mine
    great scarf too! what yarn are you using?

    see you saturday!

  8. First off, Owl cupcakes!!! So adorable. And the Wildwood quilt is beautiful! I really love that happy teal you're knitting with right now. Beautiful cables!

  9. Awesome quilts! And I really love those cute owl cupcakes.

  10. you are a busy bee! It's okay if the scarf isn't finished until spring. I'll still wear it. ;) GORGEOUS!

    Must make a drawstring bag. and love the DS quilting too. Why is that DS quilting? Such bright happy colors in both quilts.

    How did you get all this done? Did your family go on vacation without you?