WIP: Bee Tweet quilt

Last year I joined my very first quilting bee - Bee Tweet. It was a great experience! I loved making new blocks each month, some I'd never tried before. I loved making new friends and getting fun packages in the mail. When it was my month, somehow I never blogged about it.

This was the fabric I sent out.

The blocks I picked were based on Nettie's quilt that I had pinned.  These are my test blocks, below.

As of the beginning of March - here are the blocks I had gotten back. I'm loving it! Today I am only waiting for 1 more block, but I still have a lot of blocks to make. I think I'll make this twin size - my usually go-to size (that way, if any bed is missing a quilt, there's one all ready for it).


  1. The colors are absolutely gorgeous! I love how calming and soft it looks already. I've never joined a bee either - any suggestions on one for a newbie?

  2. It's looking awesome! Beautiful combo!

  3. Whoa - what a fun technique, and great way to use up stash, too. Love the colors, can't wait to see the whole quilt!