Hello Betty Quilt Finished

I've been working on this quilt for at least 2 years. And I've had the fabric for a few years before that. I'm so glad it's done! And I also love how it turned out!

I used this tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew. Except I ended up buying a 6 inch square ruler, marking it on the diagonal, and using it instead of the paper template she suggests. (If you'd like me to do a little tutorial on how I did it, let me know and I may post one.)

These blocks were somewhat time consuming and rather small. I do love how they look all together, but I'm not sure I'll be making another quilt like this anytime soon.

Emily also did the quilting on this one. A kind of ripply water quilting. I like it! Thanks Emily!


  1. Love the quilt, and the one for your husband, too. Yes to the tutorial. I do better with rulers than templates.