how many is too many?

I haven't really done tons of swaps. I'm super picky. So I'm always worried about what I might get. But that didn't stop me from joining a bunch of swaps in the last few months.

1. I already told you about Bee Tweet. I am SO glad I joined it too! Last night I met Amy of amy lou who and a bunch of her online quilty/sewing friends - and we had a blast! More to come when I get my hands on some of the photos she took.

2. I started a local bee within my modern quilt guild. It has 11 members (1 for each month of the year - skip December) and I have the first month! This month! The beauty of this swap is that we see each other once a month anyway - so no shipping (mostly.) Right now it's named La Beeda Loca, but we're accepting new names. Any ideas?

3. I just signed up for the new 4 x 5 modern quilt bee on flickr. I did the 3 x 6 bee on it's first quarter and didn't love it. I did love the people I met and I really did like most of the blocks I received. I think I don't really love sampler quilts. But I joined it anyway because my good friend Amy is running it. And everybody's modern. And it looks like it will be fun! I am sticking to it for a good year so I can have a nice sized quilt. I'll keep you updated.

4. I have started following Bek's blog since she won some Heather Ross fabrics from me. (I met a lot of great bloggers from that giveaway!) And she mentioned the pretty little pouch swap. I think it sounds fun, so I signed up!

5. On Jeni's blog and John's blog I've seen that they've been doing blocks for do. Good Stitches {a Charity Bee} and everything looked so great! All the blocks, all the quilts. And they're all for different charity groups. And you use your own stash. So I joined. And now I'm in charge of an entire group! (coming soon.)

6. This morning I signed up for For the Love of Solids [a modern swap]. It just looked too good to pass up. I thought - maybe I'm already in too many swaps . . . But my solid quilts are my favorite quilts. So I think it will be great too.

So - is that too many swaps? I figure it should be good, because, at least I'll get in some sewing time! Are you in any swaps?


  1. I've got quite a bit going on right now as well and wondering how much is too much. I have three bees in different stages, the 4x5 bee, and am contemplating the solids swap as well. I start to wonder when I'll sew my own projects. You definitely sound more busy than me though.

  2. lol - that would be way too much for me! But not for you super star!

  3. Ohhhhh you've been bitten by the bug hard!! ;] I'm doing the solids swap and pouch swap too. And Bee Tweet of course! And this is me "saying no" to things - LOL!

  4. ooh im the same, I've gone from never being in any swaps to suddenly joining every swap going including hopefully For the love of Solids, just hope im in the first 100 when it opens tomorrow!