I just came across these photos. I hadn't forgotten about them, just got too busy to blog about them!

This first one is from the scraps of the purple 9 patch quilt that I never really loved. There were tons of scraps that were 2.5 inches wide and different lengths. I really don't think I'll use that purple for anything else so I was trying to get all the remaining scraps into a quilt and then I'll give it away. I used this quilt as inspiration.

This next one was using scraps from a quilt I haven't finished yet! I do have all the blocks cut, just need to sew them together. (I also have extra fabric - just in case you're worried). This particular pattern creates a lot of extra little triangles. I hate throwing them away - so this quilt will also be given away when it is finished. It was fun to put them together in different arrangements and then decide how to sew them together. I will be adding some sort of border as well. I'll be sure to show you the finished products!


  1. i just love hello betty fabrics! i have a little stack left over from a quilt i made a while ago. it's fun to look at. so many cute prints! i really like how you used those pieces in your quilt!

  2. I like both of them. Love the purple! Cute prints in the second one!