bee blocks

Sometimes it seems like all I do are bee blocks. Does it seem like that to you? I think I'll start a new quilt just to be working on a quilt. And I think I'll keep working on another one I've started. I'll take some photos and show you. I also did write several quilting goals and I think I'll try to post them on here with photos. It may or may not happen.

This first block is for Rachel in Bee Tweet. She asked for houses. That little house on a pole is supposed to be a bird house. Or maybe it could be a light post. Either way. Also - that roof fabric was something vintage. It even smelled vintage. Not sure I love it as the roof, but it was a great fabric.

These next 6 blocks are for the 4x5 Modern Quilt Bee. 

And these next 3 are for the HARMONY group of the do good stitches bee.

Hopefully my next post does not include bee blocks!


  1. I realy love that house block. It totaly excites me to see items built out of other items (house made of cloth) I am a programmer and what I do best is make something out of something else. Just love it.


  2. I know how you feel - there were several months where it felt like bee blocks were the only thing I even had a chance to work on. I ended up cutting back on the bees and swaps a bunch.

    All your different stars are so fun! Cute fabric choices for them all.

  3. Your house is so cute! I love the bird house. And wonky stars are always good.