2011 quilts

Well I made 9 quilts last year and 9 quilts in 2010! Let's see if I can make more than 9 this year. Here are the ones from 2011 with a long list of what's already started (in hopes that by putting them on the here - I'll get them finished up.)

1. my new bed quilt, 2. Jack's stripes (back), 3. a man quilt, 4. KJR 9 patch, 5. purple/yellow 9 patch, 6. wildwood coin finished!, 7. the biggest quilt i've ever made - 102 x 104, 8. blue and green squares, 9. Amy Butler throw for the kindergarten teacher

Quilts I'd like to finish this year:

1. Hello Betty (top is done, just needs quilting and binding)
2. owl baby quilt
3. Amy Butler green and blue
4. flannel HR squares
5. purple scrap quilt (add a border, quilt and bind)
6. Hello Betty scrap quilt (border, quilt, and bind)
7. Harmony grey/blue/green quilt (quilt and bind)
8. houndstooth quilt
9. rainbow chevron (top is done, just needs quilting and binding)
10. orange/grey string x

There is also a whole list (longer than this) of quilts I'd like to get done but haven't started. We'll see how it goes. In the meantime - I may be posting photos of some of these that I haven't shown you yet.


  1. All of those quilts look great. I am new to quilting (first ever quilt completed this month) Granted they are not huge quilts I have 6 finished so far 4 baby quilts, 1 lap quilt, and 1 large twin size. My goal is 52 quilts and or projects once a week. My wife hopes I at some point give up but having way to much fun.


  2. they are ALL awesome! I love the 'stripes' one especially!
    Nice job!!!

  3. I just found your blog while surfing through other quilt blogs. I love your quilts. I tend to do more traditional quilting, but have been stockpiling more modern fabrics, and i see a few here that have inspired me. BTW, I also have 5 boys, although mine are all grown up! It's been quite an experience with them!

  4. I also have a list of quilts to finish and the houndstooth quilt is also On it. I'm planning a black & white and another one in pink & grey. Would Love to see yours