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So I finished the Wildwood (by Erin McMorris) coin quilt top the other day. Now I just need to figure out a back and I'll be sending it to Emily very very soon. I love how it turned out. It is twin sized, so when it's done I'll show you a photo of the whole thing. This is one of those fabric lines where I loved most of the prints. I found someone on etsy selling charm packs of it (2 years ago) and bought 4 or 5. I took out the fabrics I really didn't love and added in a few extras that I love and some white and there you have it!

Since finishing the Wildwood top Monday, I've been working on my double hourglass quilt using Hello Betty fabrics. I used this tutorial by Cluck Cluck Sew - which was fabulous. I would recommend it. But I will also tell you that those little guys are a lot of work! They turn out to be a 6 inch square and you can't believe how long it takes to make them! Well - longer than I usually spend on a block.

I started with a big pile of quarter triangles that needed to be sewn into squares. (I think the last time I worked on this quilt was about 6 or 8 months ago).

Here are the squares.

Then they all needed to be trimmed (117 of them).

Next I'll show you the quilt top - which is probably 1/2 sewn together. Borders still need to be cut, but they shouldn't be too time consuming.

If you're wondering about my progress on my 5 quilts I've got 2 done. I worked on some charity quilts this summer where I used only my stash to put together 4 quilts - front and back. My aunt took the quilts to finish, so I'll count them as 2 done (since the point really was to use up some of my stash.) These 2 quilts I've worked on this week will make 4 completed quilts and then I think I'll work on a baby quilt. I'm thinking I'll do a good giveaway once I'm done with these!


  1. I love the Hello Betty line! Wow, those blocks DO look time-intensive, but you will have an amazing quilt soon! I have two honey buns of the line, but I still haven't decided how best to use them.

  2. very nice coin quilt! and i love your hello betty squares. that is a favorite collection of mine!

  3. Great finish on that Wildwood top. I LOVE all of her fabrics.

    And the little hourglass blocks look wonderful. I enjoyed using her tutorial a couple years ago on my Advent quilt.

  4. Oh fun, I love coin quilts. This one's so bright and sunny.

  5. Leigh, it was great to meet you at the Sewing Summit. I looked forward to visiting your blog and seeing what great things you are sewing/quilting. I wish we could have visited more hopefully will we meet again IRL!!