MQG Kona Challenge

This summer my Modern Quilt Guild did the Kona Challenge. Each of us got a brights charm pack and had 2 months to complete something at least the size of a pillow. Our rules were that we could only use other solids with our charms.

Here is the quilt I was madly trying to complete at the last minute.

I didn't use a pattern on this one - although I know that Vanessa of V and Co. has one (here). I had seen this dishtowel on etsy before her pattern came out and bookmarked it. So I figured this was the perfect project to try it out.

For me it is not a challenge to work with all solids. My favorite quilts are always my solids quilts. What was challenging for me was using a charm pack. I've never used one and being limited with the shape and size was hard for me. I do love the variety of a charm pack, so I'll probably use one again.

Also challenging for me was the fact that I do not have a design wall. I laid everything out on my table, but that wasn't big enough so I had to move to the floor. I'd like to add to this quilt and I will be getting a design wall before that.

I just noticed that I made one little mistake - can you see it?
Are you in a modern quilt guild?
Did you participate in the Kona challenge?

I'll be doing a post for Robert Kaufman's blog soon about all the other quilts. I'll let you know when it's up so you can see them all!


  1. I participated in the Kansas City MQG solids challenge. My project didn't turn out to be my most favorite but it was amazing to see all the variety of quilts made using just a charm pack and other solids.

    Yours turned out beautiful!

  2. OH my goodness Leigh, I LOVE this!

  3. This is absolutely amazing! I love the design, and the way the colors flow through the piece. Really, this is a work of art!