Summer Quilts - Hello Betty Matryoshka

Hello to anyone who still reads this blog. It seems like the summer flew by, didn't it? I did get some quilting in, but I think I burned myself out making 6 quilts in July, all for nieces and nephews. I haven't done much since.

I'm going to write about them all in their own posts.

First up - the Hello Betty Matryoshka.

I started with 2 fat quarters of this cute Kokka Folklore Matryoshka fabric, which I think you can still get online (it also comes in other colors). I cut those fat quarters into 12 6.5 inch squares (finishing at 6 inches).

Then I bordered each square with white strips cut at 1.5 inches (finishing at 1 inch).

Luckily I had some leftover Hello Betty fabric that was just the right colors. I cut several 2.5 inch strips to border the white-bordered matryoshka squares (ending up 2 inches finished).

Then I sashed everything with 2.5 inch cut strips (2 inches finished) and added a 2.5 inch cut (2 inches finished) border.


The quilting was just a straight, diagonal stitch. Which was really easy because I just followed the lines of the backing fabric (which I got at JoAnn). I did have to buy the backing and the binding, but everything else was used from my stash.

The final dimensions for this quilt are 44 inches x 58 inches. Thanks for reading :)


  1. So pretty! The Hello Betty is the perfect match.

  2. Really cute! I'd be burned out making six quilts in a months too!

  3. So darn cute! I just got some matryoshka fabric "just because". Now i know the perfect way to use it...thank you!

  4. Thanks, Leigh! This is exactly what my little girl's room needs. Thanks for posting measurements and everything. I can't wait to get started!

  5. Thank you for the picture of your lovely quilt and for posting the measurement.