Summer Quilts - Soft Orange Squares

This quilt is my favorite of all the quilts I made in this batch. I'm not sure what it is, but I just love the soft colors and the cute fabrics. (I am not sure of the name of this fabric, although I believe it is an Alexander Henry print. I bought it within the last year.)

I started with 2 fat quarters just like with the Hello Betty Matryoshka quilt. I meant to cut them all 6.5 inches, but messed one of the cuts up and ended up with 4 blocks of 3 different sizes. I added borders to make the blocks 12.5 inches unfinished. The sashing and borders are 2.5 inches cut.

To quilt this one I used my walking foot and did straight, random lines vertically along the quilt. They aren't perfectly straight, but not really wavy either. I LOVE how it turned out and I will definitely use this quilting again. I know it's really basic, but I haven't done much straight line quilting because the walking foot that came with my machine was horrible. Once I realized that was the problem I bought another one (generic brand) and it works great!


  1. This quilt is so cute! I really like how it turned out. The soft oranges really have a nice effect.

  2. look at all these quilts!!!! You've been holding out on us you sneaky quilter you.