Summer Quilts - Robot

This quilt is from Boo Davis' book - Dare to Be Square. I didn't make it full size - hers is much bigger. Also, I didn't line up the background fabrics to make a zig zag like she did in her book. But other than that, it's mostly the same.

I love those background colors so much that I think I need a quilt for me in just those colors.

I tried a new quilting pattern for this one, which I'm not sure I love. It's kind of an oval with a line through it.
Meh. I'm pretty sure my nephew loves it, and 2 of my kids want their own now too.


  1. That's awesome. And I think the oval/line quilting is just the thing for it; kinda retro-looking.

  2. Your robot is great. My son is so into robots right now. I should get the book and try it.

  3. Awesome! I have that book from the library right now. :) the robot is adorable.