Summer Quilts - simple squares

This was a very quick top to put together, and truthfully, I'd sewn the top up in the early spring. I just didn't get around to quilting it until July.

I believe the blocks were 6.5 inches cut (6 inches finished). There are 7 blocks across and 9 blocks down. Which would make the dimensions of this quilt about 42 x 54.

For the quilting I used my walking foot. I made a small circle - about 1/2 inch - and then spiraled away from it about 1 inch away. I think spacing became further and further apart as I got closer to the outside and I think next time I'd try to space it at almost 2 inches.

I really love how it turned out even though it's not exactly perfect. Also - this batting was quite thick, which made the quilting really show up.


  1. Really pretty..amazing how the quilting changes a simle top in something spectacular.

  2. Nice colors and the bits of whales are perfect. The spiral is great.

  3. Wow! The quilting looks so great!! I love the color tones of the blocks!